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WSA -Global Congress Cascais 2019 - Follow Up

WSA -Global Congress Cascais 2019 - Follow Up

Our feedback from the WSA- Global Congress Cascais 2019: 

A transformative learning journey leading by the Millennials’ potential

Futurebuild 2019 - Follow Up

Futurebuild 2019 - Follow Up

Our feedback from the Futurebuild 2019 edition.

A breath of fresh air as there is hope for a sustainable construction world: We are on the right track.

Corkbrick Solutions

Corkbrick Solutions

  Are you not a fan of the cork's natural strong color? No problem! Here are some ideas on how you can solve this problem without ruining the produ...

Creating Freely!

Want to create CORKBRICK models but you don't have Sketchup on your computer? No problem - you can create with Sketchup Free Online Version  ...
CORKBRICK scenarios

Check out our new video

CORKBRICK Scenarios being built.  

Setting up an L-shaped sofa

Check out this video of a CORKBRICK L-shaped sofa made with Sketchup. Share your own creations!  
CORKBRICK sustainable dynamic furniture

Sustainable dynamic furniture and structures — smart living!

  We live in a world of speed and permanent change. People move, create and recreate more than ever. Millennials are significantly more dynamic, ...
CORKBRICK designer challenge


Design CORKBRICK furniture and structure solutions - and earn perpetual royalties! If you liked Lego and if you are good with SketchUp, you won'...