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CORKBRICK Challenge 1st Edition


We are very happy to present some of the best ideas by our Corkies, developed throughout the CORKBRICK Challenge.

 It is amazing to see how many different configurations one can create with CORKBRICK and the amount of new ideas that our inside team have never thought about!

 This is why CORKBRICK is proudly a FAN OWNED COMPANY, and we deeply previledge anyone's ideas and thoughts.


cork-cork walls-modular structures-corkbrick

WINNER | This see-through wall has inoumerous applications and it's a decorative element! We will add this product to our store very soon... Congratulations!

by Noha A.



 corkbrick-sustainable furniture-modular structures


sustainable furniture-corkbrick-cork

"Two combinable furniture designs which integrates sofa and pots. Ideal for large waiting spaces or living rooms, such as hotel lobbies or halls, shopping centers, airports, etc." by Ana Beatriz S.



corkbrick-cork-sustainable furniture-modular structures

"This design focuses on corkbrick as the main protagonist of the space, showing that its color, texture and flexibility make it a unique design element in modern and minimalist decorations"  by Ana Beatriz S.


sustainable furniture-corkbrick-cork

A Table Base by Ahmet Berk A.


A Desk by Ahmet Berk A.

corkbrick-cork-sustainable furniture

Bedroom Furniture by Khairul Hisham K.




A big THANK YOU from CORKBRICK team to all participants! 

It is very exciting to see that anyone can create and innovate with CORKBRICK. 

 cork-corkbrick-modular structures

 "Portable office pod using CORKBRICKS & a few additional components. Perfect for home (garden) office or pop-up / coworking environments." by Rachael Skye S.


  "An expanded version of my previous entry, this office pod has an external covered lounge area. Perfect for meeting with a client, making a phone call, taking a coffee break, etc. Could be sold as an expansion pack for the small office pod." by Rachael Skye S.


"A collection of plant stands at 3 different heights. Simple yet eye-catching design. The perfect add-on to any home or office CORKBRICK furniture set, or sure to be a bestseller on its own! "by Rachael Skye S.

 corkbrick-modular furniture-cork

"Corkbrick concept applied to a clothes shop. Some elements like the counter and backup tables can also be used in other types of shops." by Manuel A.

modular structures-cork-corkbrick

corkbrick-cork-modular structures-architecture

"This proposal uses Corkbrick to practically form a complete house. This design shows the varsatility of Corkbrick in confined spaces, as well as its great utility in the growing market for low-cost housing" by Andy M.

corkbrick-cork-modular structures


"In this design corkbrick has been used as a structural and composive element. It has been used in walls, staircase and furniture. Demonstrating its versatility and elegance to decorate spaces as restaurants, drinks and cafes." by Andy M.


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