Advisers & Directors - CORKBRICK EUROPE

Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions



We have enlisted a remarkable group of “Creative Dolphins” to help us bring our vision to life.  Among us, Architects, Engineers, Designers, all creative minds, former or current executives from organisations like Google, Lego, Cisco, Nike, University of London, Axelcapital, Miragon Investments, Maitland family office, Fladgate Partnership, HARV 81 to name a few.

These talented individuals share our vision to create sustainable dynamic structures and furniture. They are committed to our mission to build a transparent and sustainable organisation that is driven by collaboration. Their engagement empower our capabilities, open new markets, and make our "Fan Owned Company model" , Fun ! 


Andre Queiroga

Lawyer, Author and Business angel

Antonio Correia

Architect, cork industry expert

Artur Reynolds Brandao

Infrastructure Investments Programme Manager at euNetworks

Ben Croxford

Senior Lecturer at University College London

Antonio de Abreu Castello Branco

Owner of Castello-Branco  Arquitectos LDA

Patricia Dias de Almeida

Christian Mossberg

Full Stack Developer at Sensera AB

Charlotte Andersdotter

CEO and Founder Cre8 AB

Sylvie Meyer

Founder of World of Satinka

Cephas Howard

LEGO Group

Diogo Baptista

Exelência de Negócio, Intra Empreendorismo

Gregóire Marcheteau

Strategic Partnerships at Google

Joana Horta e Costa

Owner  JHC Consultoria and INVESTOR

Joao Coruche

General  Manager at Hotel Baia

Joao Pedro Montes

Wine With spirit Founder & CEO

Jorge Julio

Eletrical Engineer and Entrepreneur

João Castello-Branco

Owner of Castelo Branco Arquitectos 

José Manuel Durão


José Pedro Ramos Ascenção

Legal adviser and consultant

Candace Drepaul

Board of Directors | Governance

Luis Rosendo

Generator Consulting

Lidia Sá

Director at CCCA

Philippa Mollet

Entrepreneur | Founder Green School Portugal

Maria da Conceição

Engenheira Agro-Industrial

Monique Morrow

Dedicated Futurist at World Future Society

Max Daves

CEO Founder (idea)ology Group

Marcello Capotorto Mello

Nobilitec - Partner

Pedro Reynolds

Market Development and Support manager Northern

Nuno Pietra Torres


Bertrand Delagneau

Vanessa Arelle

Social Entrepreneur

Gustavo Kramer

International Logistics | Supply Chain

Sérgio Baptista

Partner at Xolyd. IAMCP INT'L Board member

Maria Teresa Gonzalez

General Secretary and Technical Director at APMAE  

Paulo Protásio

Chairman at R3ZIS 

Dana Liv

Trans-personal therapist, entrepreneur

Marcello Ursini

Pieter Theron

Wealth Management at Maitland  

Tiago Bárbara 

Mechanical Engineer

Marco Cadalbert 

Advisor Banking bei Credit Suisse

Barry Franck

Giselle Otero Rosa

Marketing Campaign Manager and Master Designer

Nitin Govila


Ben Croxford

Senior Lecturer at University College London

Maria Macedo

Investor and Board Member at CORKBRICK EUROPE

Miguel Reynolds Brandão

Entrepreneur; Business Developer; Investor; Author

Susana Gomes da Costa

Co-Founder and CFO, Independent consultant

Gregóire Marcheteau

Strategic Partnerships at Google

Sérgio Afonso

Investor  AxelCapital

Koen Kam

Investor and board member at Corkbrick Europe

Catarina Reynolds Brandão

Co-Founder Corkbrick Europe  Architect

José Pedro Ramos Ascenção

Legal adviser and consultant

André Queiroga

Lawyer, author and business angel

Jorge Julio

Electrical Engineer and Entrepreneur

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