Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions


CORKBRICK story started in April 2012 at a Lisbon's airport coffee shop, on a trip to Casablanca... a conversation between father (serial entrepreneur) and daughter (future architect) about flexibility in home spaces.

"We were discussing solutions for open spaces, specifically searching for ideas to create a dynamic guest room in our attic. We needed something simple, scalable, easy to mount and dismount - and most importantly without the use of tools, glues, or screws!"

“M.Reynolds CORKBRICK Founder & CEO”

That was when we first thought of the potential behind a modular construction such as the CORKBRICK concept and designed the first sketches. Ten days later, already back home from Morocco, we resumed our brainstorming and explored the global market to find that nothing fulfilled our imagination's criteria! There was no concept available with easy modularity and flexibility to build structures and furniture at home for people, such as us, who are hopeless at DIY (Do It Yourself).

This was the origin of CORKBRICK!

The CORKBRICK story is one of a father and his daughter. It chronicles their efforts to create a personalised living space. It is also a testament to their strong desire to live in an equitable society that practices sustainable living. Today their dream is shared by 247 fans from 29 countries.

Corkbrick is more than just a product or a company, it’s a philosophy that embraces the ideals of sustainability and equity in their totality.