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Did you know that overweight people struggle to sleep?

There is a very high percentage of obese people worldwide, and one of the many reasons for being such a difficult health unbalance to recover from is the fact that it's hard to find a product that can withstand the overweight and create  safe and comfort sleep conditions for these people. This problem creates a vicious unhealthy cycle, as sleep deprivation also contributes for weight gain. 

After identifying this problem, we felt obliged to create a solution- Our new product Hamburg Compact XL Bed Base (by CORKBRICK) that is complemented by DIE MATRATZE von WELTBETT 2x2m mattress (by WELTBETT )- the B2C daughter of Europe’s biggest Producer of naturally filled bedding products.

 'Find a mattress that works for you: It’s important that your mattress allows for proper alignment of your spine and balanced contact pressure between your body and the mattress. Mattress preferences vary from one person to the next. Research has shown that body weight affects the type of mattress one may find most comfortable.' from the article Sleep and Obese

 CORKBRICK offers Hamburg, a compact large (2x2m) bed base that can carry any weight, and additionally relates a comfortable base with this natural material to promote good sleep. The natural material brings nature inside homes, creating wellbeing and a clean environment to your space. The perfect environment for a good night sleep and a health balance recovery. 

'Additionally, we need to better understand the importance of adequate sleep to improve the treatment of obesity. ' from the article Is Sleep Deprivation a Contributor to Obesity?


'Sleep loss creates a hormone imbalance in the body that promotes overeating and weight gain. Leptin and ghrelin are hormones that regulate appetite, and when you aren’t getting sufficient sleep, the production of these hormones is altered in a way that creates increased feelings of hunger. Sleep deprivation is associated with growth hormone deficiency and elevated cortisol levels, both of which have been linked to obesity. Additionally, insufficient sleep can impair your metabolism of food.' from the article Obesity and Sleep


 In this image you have products Hamburg (CORKBRICK) and DIE MATRATZE von WELTBETT 2x2m mattress  (WELTBETT)


'Sleep is not a “waste of time”, and public health efforts should aim to better promote a good night’s sleep for overall health.    '

from the article 'Is Sleep Deprivation a Contributor to Obesity?'


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