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Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

CORKBRICK-WOW Creative Marathon (1st Edition)



Happy to announce the 1st Edition of CORKBRICK Creative Marathon was a Success! Various new products were created and several different fitting ways were invented! Outstanding results from our participants, and a very well spent weekend at WOW in Porto, Portugal!. 

Running for three days, the Corkbrick Marathon provided an opportunity for friends and strangers alike to come together and create Sustainable Dynamic Solutions. Utilizing seven varieties of Corkbrick Brocks, members of the public worked, thought and designed together in an atmosphere swirling with creativity and enthusiasm. Attendees ranged from designers to doctors, managers and students, the very young to those more elderly. Each brought with them new concepts on what and how to create. As new ideas were broached and paradigms were broken, over thirty different works were completed, some of which shall be coming to the Corkbrick store soon!

Check the participants motivations here

A pioneer event to repeat in other regions and countries...

Winners will be announced soon...  stay tuned!

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