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Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

CORKBRICK-WOW marathon: participants motivations

Below are some of the responses from participants to 3 simple questions:


Why are you running for the CORKBRICK-WOW marathon?

What surprises you most about the Corkbrick concept?

What surprises you most about the WOW concept?

I am running for the marathon because I love challenges and everything related to sustainability. I think I can bring a huge contribution to the marathon , giving my ideias and creating something that can really bring changes. What surprises me most is the fact that we recycle something so Current in the nature to different kind of materials. Beyond all the sustainability goals it brings us a concept of versatility and creativity.
And I think that’s the most interesting thing about the corkbrick concept.
What surprises me most about the WOW concept is the fact that is breaks the dimension patterns.
While the corkbrick concept focus on small things such as walls, beds and etc .
The WOW concept goes farther creating bridges and big monuments and buildings .
I'm running for the CORKBRICK-WOW marathon to have an experience closer to the work environment outside the university. It is a very sustainable e easy way of creating objects that can satisfy humans needs meanwhile creating togetherness to build the construction process of the structures. It's accessible to everyone's understanding. The fact that creativity brings people together. Strangers can create great projects together, with different views, cultures and more inclusive perspectives.
To learn, create and innovate Its potential Openness
To have a hands on experience with the CorkBrick. It's modular possibilities and sustainable material use. Haven't visited the WOW concept yet.
To create a playful sustainable product, able to revolution the modular design The capacity to use a sustainable material to develop a flexible way to implement modular design for everyone The potential to share interdisciplinary knowledge

Creative social interaction in a wow space
Interest in learning about new natural and sustainable materials and flexibility for large-scale modeling and I like to visit WOW for its diversity of cultural themes
To experience working with this amazing material. Its flexibility and adaptability
Im designer and a fan of cork. I Believe that i can create something awesome Its an amazing idea , a sustainable product and the possibilities are endless Im a Wine producer and I'm very passionate about this place. We can feel like Alice in Wonderland in the wine version
I am a student at FBAUP and when the teacher Rui Mendonça talked about it it looked like an interesting activity The opportunity. Anyone from all ages can participate and specially for older people, rekindle their creativity. The multitude of areas it covers.
University teacher recommendation and enthusiasm about the contest concept. The groundbreaking concept. Its unique character.
I like all challenges of design Creating spaces without concrete, with your own hands The challenge of a quick design contest
I'm fascinated with product design, and love developing new and exciting products. The range of possibilities a single block of cork can have. It promotes and values creative and sustainable products.
I want to develop more technical and product design knowledge about cork and its properties. The fact that the products are designed and built in model blocks. The innovation and youth.
I saw it in a web site and for me as a designer this kind of contest and opportunity to have our work for sale, is too good to not try. For me, the flexibility of just 7 kinds of bricks is impressive. they could change any space in a easy, ecologic and creative way. they have really good sound characteristics, they are light and portable, and mutable. its a really good and innovative concept. Its really impressive to see start ups and companies who are focus on projects that have a good impact on people´s everyday life, without forgetting our planet and our future here. the WOW concept have all this notions and the will to reinvent our way of life
I and my team from Vilnius academy of arts got very interested in the concept of Corkbrick, and we would like to participate in the marathon to bring our ideas and visualize them using this product. We would like to participate online by creating visualizations. For me, the Corkbrick concept seems very versatile. I love the material for its unique features and the shapes seem to be optimized for reduction of weight and material. all in all, it looks like a neat idea that brings a nice message to the user. It seems very fitting that these two brands are connected because of the main use for cork in bottle corks. I like the idea.