Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

CORKBRICK shining at WOW

CORKBRICK intervened in two of the six Museums - Planet Cork and The Bridge Collection, transforming and creating spaces throughout. With CORKBRICK's creations, there is always the possibility to transform the proposed items in other configurations. WOW has showed us how these transformations are possible by creating dynamic structures for specific pontual events. 

WOW impressed us yet again with another creative solution with CORKBRICK!  Another creation from our Corkbrick Master Duarte Almas and his team at WOW Facilities. 

It is amazing to see how our own clients create new solutions with our product. Check out this dynamic exhibit for Easter Holidays 

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To know more about WOW tailor made project check out our portfolio post! here

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