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WOW - Planet Cork and Bridge Collection Museums

About wow-world-of-wine-porto


With six world class museum experiences, nine restaurants, bars and cafés, shops, gallery, event spaces and even a wine school, WOW pays homage to the city of Porto and tells the story of some of the most important Portuguese industries and traditions.

Once home to thousands of barrels of Port wine, old cellars have been resorted, renovated and rebuilt to become a home for WOW.

The central square is the ideal setting to marvel the panoramic views over the historic city of Porto and the Douro River, whilst enjoying a glass of wine or a delicious meal at one of our restaurants.

WOW is where Porto, reinforces itself as the capital of Portuguese wine and where Portugal is discovered as a microcosm of the most important wine regions in the world.

WOW is much more than wine, it is a whole district of new and exciting experiences. '  - from official website 

Tailor-Made Project by corkbrick-logo-cork

CORKBRICK intervened in two of the six Museums - Planet Cork and The Bridge Collection, transforming and creating spaces throughout, as illustrated below. There is always an open door to expand CORKBRICK's creations to the other Museums, or even to use the proposed items in other ways, and other spaces. WOW is also home for 9 outstanding restaurants, that can also make use of the CORKBRICK's for special events or daily transformations in configuration. 

The challenge here was to offer 3 different types of applications - space division, exposition and lounge area

 space division-wall-cork-dynamic

Image 1 Tridimensional Model of Manaus Wall to create a circuit in Planet Cork Museum

For space division the solution was based on our product Manaus, adapted to the specific measures requested. It was a great opportunity to explore the maximization of foot base length, and to create a variant to this product, as a solution to the client's challenge, based on the use of our 3D brocks as support fixtures to paintings/ accessories. 

Image 2 Tridimensional Model illustrating how you can use 3D brocks as a support. 


Image 3 Photograph of Manaus Wall in The Bridge Collection Museum with '3D' Brocks as support


Image 4 Photograph of Manaus Wall in Planet Cork Museum


Also for space division, an adapted Bologna Wall was proposed, as it creates a dynamic enclosure and promotes being used as an exposition wall as well as configuring space. 

This division of space in both Museums gives the opportunity of change in time... It is a great advantage for any Museum, that oughts to be dynamic in the way is curated, so that the interest in visiting regularly is triggered. This also gives the chance for the exposed collections to be changed regularly with no constraints of space configuration. 




Image 5. Tridimensional Model of proposed Milan Exposition Wall

The exposition areas were defined with our Milan Walls (adapted sizes as requested by client). These create a funny and dynamic surface for showcasing with it's zig zag aspect. Here are some examples of these walls mounted in loco. 

Image 6. Milan Wall at Planet Cork Museum

For the lounge area, it was proposed the use of our Lisbon Bench together with other complementing cork furnitures in the Planet Cork Museum


Image 7 Tridimensional Model of Lisbon Bench being used

Finally, there was also a Berlin Castle request for the children's playing area. This allows children not only to play in a scenario, but to take part in creating their own playing scenario.

Building up creativity, ambition and problem solving in children 


Image 8 Berlin Castle in Planet Cork Museum

Moreover there was the great opportunity of creating a CORKBRICK PLAY Area, with some of the 'brocks' so that any person can test and feel the brocks and the way they fit and also test our CORBRICK PLAY APP where you can create before order.


Image 9 Tridimensional Model of CORKBRICK PLAY Area at Planet Cork Museum.

This project reflects how easy it is to build with CORBRICK, using only our digital assembly guide and tutorial videos to create every different product. Moreover, it proved again how each person can create a different solution with the same or less 'brocks'.


Image 10 Photographs of 2 new configurations of CORKBRICK made by our client. 

This new creation together with CORKBRICK PLAY, resulted in the idea of hosting a CORKBRICK MARATHON in one of WOW's venues.

CORKBRICK MARATHON will provoke creativity in bright minds towards a goal of inventing new products with CORKBRICK. 

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  • Providing tridimensional solutions to museums, restaurants and for public displays are a need of the hour for a better visual for the customers which gives a better image and creates a value for our product. The implementation of all the above designs in 3D is absolutely impressive and alluring.

    Eshan Jamadagni

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