CorkBrick Europe debut Sustainable Dynamic Structures at DDW 2022

"CORKBRICK PLAY" — a new way to experience CORKBRICK!

Build real-world solutions from the palm of your hand with no limits.

CORKBRICK PLAY is a simulator application for all mobile devices running on iOS and Android operating system.

Previously to try out CORKBRICK you would need to have basic skills of designer and Sketchup, but now a simple smartphone is enough.
CORKBRICK PLAY has all the fundamental functionality as any other 3D modelling software. Multiple editing, copy, paste, undo, redo and much more. It takes few minutes to structure any furniture from our library.

Sustainability is always our priority. With CORKBRICK PLAY you can experiment with structures and find out the perfect fit for you, before purchasing any furniture pack. This will impact on your costs and environment, as there will be less amount of BROCKS wasted. All information about the scene and used BROCKS can be found out from the main screen in CORKBRICK PLAY.
CORKBRICK PLAY connects virtual and physical worlds.  Moreover, if you need what you create with CORKBRICK PLAY, you can order it directly. It will be your custom order. 

"Everything you can imagine is real." – Pablo Picasso

Start earning perpetual royalties from CORKBRICK. How?

Just create a piece of unique and innovative furniture out of BROCKS in CORKBRICK PLAY. If your creation will get published in the CORKBRICK online SHOP, you will get paid 3,78% from every sale. Don't forget to toggle 'Challenge' when creating a scene and use your imagination full on!  (more details here).

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