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We are very happy to announce that CORKBRICK will be present at FICOR, (Feira Internacional da Cortiça) International Cork Fair. 

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FICOR'Cork, being a Mediterranean product produced only by a restricted group of countries, of which Portugal stands out as the largest producer, is undoubtedly a world raw material, used all over the world in the most diverse activities and businesses.

Cork has an ecological added value in relation to other products that have not yet been efficiently exploited. A reality that triggers huge expectations around the growing demand for this material in the near future.

The ecological sustainability of cork gives it the necessary characteristics to establish itself as the raw material of reference, on a planet that increasingly wants to be environmentally protected.

People's environmental awareness grows in parallel with the level of economic development.

FICOR asserts itself as an international event, in the true sense of the word. The communication strategy is proof of that. The International Cork Fair is communicated all over the planet, with special attention to wine producing and consuming markets and, consequently, cork stoppers, the prime product of the entire chain.

The effective internationalization of the event is assumed by the organization as one of the main objectives.

The challenge is also launched for national brands and companies, which have in mind the penetration in other markets or the consolidation of international business strategies.

The sponsorship and participation of the main economic groups and companies in the cork and wine sector is an added value both for FICOR and for the sponsoring and participating entities.'

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