Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

Office Solutions by CORKBRICK

CORKBRICK offers numerous solutions to create a Sustainable Dynamic Office 


Perdurable: you may transform any solution into another as needs arise, it’s a never ending life cycle for this product

Super Material: Being made of cork, this product is healthy and  offers great comfort in terms of sound insulation, temperature insulation and air purification (anti-microbial) 

Interactive: CORKBRICK promotes creativity and teamwork as it can be mounted and dismounted into new creations by your own team





It's a new philosophy to create comfort and happiness, whilst preserving and improving the habitat, managing the space people live in, employing dynamic, sustainable, useful, durable and reusable structures to build walls, divisions or furniture, that can be easily transformed and adapted to the need of the moment.

It Is a clever response to the urgent need to extend product life cycles creating solutions that will be used and reused over time by more than one generation.

cork-sustainable structures-dynamic office



 dynamic structures-sustainable office-cork

cork-sustainable structures-dynamic office


Allow your staff to personalize their space, standing work /sitting work, doghouse/ bench... The ‘holes’ can be strategically positioned for cable passing and electronics!





 5-1 capsule-office solutions-dynamic office

corkbrick-cork-sustainable structures




Create the adequate and confortable atmosphere for all your staff's needs, with products like Delft Capsule - a 5 in 1 solution offering: BRAINSTORMING | MEETING | RELAXING | PRESENTING | PLANNING


WE CREATE the entire project plan for your open space office! Get in Touch...

cork-sustainable dynamic structures-sustainability


cork-sustainable-dynamic structures


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