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Thinking Out-of-the-Box with CORKBRICK: OULU IGLOO


The Corkbrick Oulu Igloo

An excellent noise reduced Environment

Using brocks to create zen spaces such as this Igloo dome shaped design puts an equal emphasis on the science of health, wellness and mindfulness. A space ideal for peace surrounded by a warm eco-friendly environment, where one can spend time meditating, creating, relaxing and contemplating while looking beyond materialism and learning the value of individualism. 

As cork is an antimicrobial and water resistant material, it helps reduce mold, dust and other toxins which makes this space perfect for health benefits when looking towards a zen moment. 

Cork is an excellent acoustic natural soundproofing material, a great insulator and one of the few sustainably renewable materials and an efficient sound dampener.

Corkbrick Europe  is pleased to create such a space as the Oulu Igloo- an excellent noise reduced environment. The perfect space for refuge.

Discover the extraordinary delights of Corkbrick  for yourself and create your own space, be it for a space of relaxation, a space for creating or listening to music or even a space for a one night sleep over to experience the full sensation of living inside a cork creation. 

The Oulu igloo design meets an acoustic aural environment and functions of space where one can use the space for relaxing music that achieves suitable vibrations and enhances the desirable sound reflections while maintaining and controlling the loudness levels throughout the space. Cork allows the sounds to be absorbed and controlled.

  • Igloo means ”home” or “Shelter” from Eskimo igdlu from the Inuit people. 
  • Acoustics is derived from the Greek world Akoustos meaning “Heard”

The Oulu Igloo prototype structure created by Corkbrick Europe team has a shape which obtains a temporary location for relaxation which can later be transformed into other structures with the same pieces. The entrance has a door like shape open for entering and exiting easily. It does not disturb the silence within the space even if the “door” is open. 

The Interior of the Oulu Igloos gives a warm comfortable and inviting feeling, attracting those in need of a place to reflect and for relaxation. 

A space for yoga and meditation. 

Cork gives off the sensation of Peace and Silence. 

Inviting | Interesting | Intriguing | Relaxing | Peaceful | Comfortable | Pleasant

The Interior can be transformed into various environments such as spaces for relaxation, yoga or meditation. The interior is a perfect space to sit and reflect giving one a sense of belonging. The exit of the Oulu Igloo, a perfect atmosphere, warm calm and an inviting environment. A space that can be integrated in all working spaces for workers to take refuge. An opening on the top of the structure has been created for ventilation and natural lighting.


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