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Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

Versatility made Easy!


Transforming Room...      1 Space, 4 Uses

(or more...)

How common is it the need of a space that fits so many different uses through time...? Some of us even have that spare room with no use just because it is so difficult to adapt, am I right?

Well... with CORKBRICK you can easily transform your space, with NO WASTE 

 A Sustainable DIY way of transforming your space and furniture to always keep up with your needs, without filling up a whole storage space with unadaptive furniture! 

 home office- corkbrick - cork- sustainable- diy- modular structures- transforming room- natural


Home Office - to - Nursery - to - Toddler's Room - to - Guest Room - to - name it!

 versatility-sustainability-cork-natural-modular furniture-modular structures- corrkbrick



In these images you can find the following Products: Manaus; Albufeira; Porto; Sintra; Dublin; and also Add ons for Manaus (brock 3D)


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