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Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

Solutions Portfolio - CORKBRICK EUROPE

corkbrick being used for theatre setting

CORKBRICK for Schools & Universities

  Is there anyplace more Dynamic than a School or University?   CORKBRICK has found one of it's best applications- in Schools and Universities!...
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There is an urgent need to rethink how we build our homes… The last two years proved the importance of an adaptable home, one that has the capabil...
intergrau-corkbrick-tailor-made projects- sustainability- open office - cork

INTERGRAU - Office Solutions

A tailor-made Project for Intergrau In this project the client asked for two different solutions to cover walls with CORKBRICK so that they cou...
WOW - Planet Cork and Bridge Collection Museums

WOW - Planet Cork and Bridge Collection Museums

About  ' WOW - PORTO'S NEW CULTURAL DISTRICT With six world class museum experiences, nine restaurants, bars and cafés, shops, gallery, even...
Home Sustainable Decoration

Home Sustainable Decoration

How should we decorate our home? What is the ideal colour palette? How much furniture should we fit in? Too cramped? Too empty? And what about the...
Loft Renovation & Decoration

Loft Renovation & Decoration

In this project we show you a renovated Loft with various combinations of CORKBRICK.  Our intention in this renovation was to highlight the main e...