Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

INTERGRAU - Office Solutions

A tailor-made Project for Intergrau

In this project the client asked for two different solutions to cover walls with CORKBRICK so that they could later be used for events and future configuration of spaces. A lounge area was also requested, with the advantage component of flexibility for easy modifications through time. 

With this project, CORKBRICK could show it's potential in innovation of wall shelving and covering. The benefits of having this natural product indoors, inside a office space, are numerous - starting from the scent that 'cleans up the air', literally as an air purifier, by bringing nature indoors promoting a healthy work environment and also with by being a great insulator of temperature and acoustics that is so crucial in an open office space 


intergrau-corkbrick-tailor-made projects- sustainability- open office - corkCOKRBRICK presents a tailor-made solution for office space configuration -Creating a cosy work environment with great acoustics and temperature insulation.


intergrau-corkbrick-tailor-made projects- sustainability- open office - corkCORKBRICK Creations - Shelving Areas in an Open Office Space - With CORKBRICK you can easily transform these solutions into new uses, for example working hubs, growing along the company's growth!



intergrau-corkbrick-tailor-made projects- sustainability- open office - cork

 CORKBRICK Creations - Sofa set in Lounge area - Using sustainable furniture and bringing nature indoors for a better air quality.

CORKBRICK presents Turn-key Solutions for your space!

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  • Temperature insulation and the natural air purification due to use of sustainable indoor material is clearly one of the USP of the product

    Eshan Jamadagni

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