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Home Sustainable Decoration

How should we decorate our home? What is the ideal colour palette? How much furniture should we fit in? Too cramped? Too empty? And what about the layout?

These are the usual questions we ask when decorating our homes. The usual problem is, we gather so much image information that we get overwhelmed with ideas and can't fit or create harmony in our own space...
So the key factors we identified as game changers for the decor you pick are: 
- Light Inputs: Natural and Artificial
- Space Dimensions
- Space Flow
It is very important as making your furniture and decoration layout that you consider the light inputs, as this can enlarge your space, highlight some decor pieces, and make a suitable flow of space. 
It is crucial to be aware of the space you are working with... That large Corner Sofa you have always dreamed about might not be suitable in your space dimensions, resulting in a cramped space, becoming immediately smaller.  
Thirdly, space flow is important as it determines the way you and your guests use the space. Also how you can transform the space in time, as no one likes to have the same flow at all times. This kind of flow of space gives a dynamic character that makes you renew your love for the space at all times. 
Here are some examples of decoration projects with CORKBRICK, that consider the three key factors, combining our brocks with other pieces of decor!
Corkbrick Corner Wall Bologna
The best of CORKBRICK is the material itself, a colour that combines with any other; a texture that offers comfort; a soft scent of cork that brings nature indoors. Plus, it's sustainable!      
CORKBRICK gives you the possibility of customization of sizes and format of furniture, so that you can better adapt to the space dimensions. You can even adap the furniture to the use you are giving: having different configurations of furniture for a daily life use than for a special dinner occasion may offer the better layout and optimization of space for both occasions.  
The space flow is as enhanced as possible with CORKBRICK, as you may transform your space through time with simple DIY. You will never get bored with your own home decor as long as you have the versatility that CORKBRICK offers to space. 


Check out these and more scenarios in our home page and plan with us your own home decoration! The perfect combination starts with CORKBRICK.

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  • With the help of different products like Manaus walls and Bilbao raised platforms, there is a unique and attractive addition to the home where it clearly and beautiful graces the colour combination and display

    Eshan Jamadagni

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