Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions


1. Reception

It is important to be prepared to receive your order. Especially if you live in an apartment. 

After the confirmation of your order, we will notify you with the details of the shipment, so you can coordinate it directly with our shipping partner to make sure that there will be someone available to receive it.

2. Unpacking 

Your order will arrive in a pallet. Some brocks will be assembled in small packs to protect them. Others will be individually packed.. It is very easy to unpack but you need to be prepared — depending on what you ordered. The maximum weight of any pack is 20Kg.

We care a lot about sustainability so our aim is to use as little waste as possible.

3. Assembling your CORKBRICK solution.

CORKBRICK is so simple to assemble that you won't need a manual. A quick tutorial video is enough.

You can glance at the tutorial as you assemble it. And that's all. So it is important for you to have your smartphone with you and internet access. (alternatively, watch the tutorial in a computer or smart TV before starting)

The tutorial video link is available on the page of your product.  Alternatively, it is available on our Youtube.corkbrick.com channel under the playlist tutorials

Being made from natural ingredients, Cork. and using a manufacturing technology to leverage  Cork's unique characteristics, the BROCKS are flexible and easy to be assembled with your hands. You do not need to force them. As in Nature, CORKBRICK deserves care and attention. And you should never use any tools. Just your hands.

You can easily notice that little adjustments with your fingers in the fitting area between two or more BROCKS makes it easy and effortless both to assemble and disassembly.

Using "Four hands", like in most situations in life, makes it easier and more fun.


We recommend you involve your family, friends or colleagues.

"CORKBRICK is more than a clever, useful and sustainable solution to modern life — it is a collaboration system that stimulates creativity and ... it's fun!"

That's all folks! ;) Have fun and don't forget to share your creations and benefit from it. (Check the challenge.corkbrick.com.) You can watch other tutorials or play with CORKBRICK PLAY to explore or just inspire you.