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Imagine a Lego like system, where you can build any structure, wall or furniture, inside or outside, with no tools, no screws, no glue - that's CORKBRICK!

It's a solution soon available in the market that empowers creative minds that cannot face DIY solutions. It goes beyond the DIY market to reach all those with a passion and enthusiasm to create unique and innovative solutions in their home and office.
We sell a unique, useful, trendy and sustainable product structured on a simple and highly efficient business to the global consumer.
We believe it has the potential to become the new Lego for adults with the advantage of being fun and useful (and natural).
CORKBRICK is an invention of Miguel Reynolds Brandão (father) and Catarina Reynolds Brandão (daughter).


Intended impact

Our mission is to improve people's lives by simplifying the way people create and recreate the spaces they live and work, with clever, natural and sustainable solutions.We feel that CORKBRICK is a unique system that will change households, office spaces and many other private and public spaces.

- Manufactured in Europe. 

- It’s ecological, green, reusable and sustainable. 

- It has the potential to develop new opportunities, such as CORKBRICK accessories. 

- It can offer indirect job opportunities for skilled and unskilled labour.

We believe CORKBRICK fits in the trend for natural, flexible, dynamic and sustainable solutions for millennial's. It offers a solution to a universal problem – configuration of houses, offices or any space without compromising other future uses.

CORKBRICK EUROPE estimated worth is €250 million (10 years Net Present Value). In 10 years it will generate a total impact on 5 European Union Green Deal goals and 6 SDG in excess of €2 billion.

Each CORKBRICK "brock" we sell, will generate a 20€ SDG impact.





If you are a fan, a like-minded one, if you fell our philosophy as yours, if you share our sustainable vision and if you are interested to enjoy this journey with us, let us know and talk to us.  Funds raised will go towards increasing production 10 times to 4,000 pieces a day. CORKBRICK is on its way to build the first "Fan Owned Company" to create "Sustainable Dynamic Structures and Furniture ".


Our vision is to create an organization where all members are fans. Fans of the CORKBRICK concept. That is the reason why we decided to open the company’s equity to individuals through Seedrs: we are looking for people that “vibrate” with the concept and understand the business potential. Fans bring an extra energy that will empower company's creativity, flexibility, and endurance regardless of their financial commitment.” 
 Miguel Reynolds Brandão, CORKBRICK EUROPE CEO & Founder



If you would like to join us, investing in our next raise,  fill and send this form and we will schedule a video-call to talk about it. 

We always welcome creative minds!