Shareholders Motivations – CORKBRICK EUROPE

Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

Shareholders Motivations

We asked our shareholders two simple, but very important questions... here is a compilation of their testimony.

What was your main motivation to join and invest in CORKBRICK?

What is your vision for the future of CORKBRICK?

Good product and visionary creator

Production, sales and distribution needs to be scaled up - our execution has been lagging.

Innovation and strong believe that it will make the difference for individuals and companies when they think of sustainable space/environments , with attractive design , at affordable price and therefore a good return for investors.

To create a better everyday life to people and companies by offering a sustainable, cool, fashionable, innovative and functional furnishing product at affordable prices.

Sustainability. Innovation.

Integration (on daily life) and globalization (a product for everyone).

To be part shareholder in a global company

That the Brand Corkbrick becomes an household name world wide, while providing ecologically suitable solution at economically viable prices.

Vision and use of national product

A bright one

The idea of such flexible use cases for compact furniture is phenomenal especially considering the frequency with which people move homes / redesign their lives / offices need altering to account for change in workforce.

I envisage CB to become a genuine worldwide competitor to brands such as IKEA.

The uniqueness and potential of the project using a renewable and natural raw material

A fast and scalable production to allow full penetration in the market

Environmental, sustainable, versatile, economical solution-focused product

I foresee Corkbrick being recognized at the go-to solution for both commercial and domestic needs... it's adaptability and environmentally sustainable solution position it to be able to accomplish this.

Loved the idea of it in general and the sustainable innovation aspects in particular!

i still think mini-corkbricks might help people try to work out how they will use the big ones. Along the same lines maybe giant corkbricks have a place also!

As you know I like the idea of linking with other like minded companies, eg Ecor (making flat panels) and Pollywood-Natural making hollow cylinders.

Start-up in Portugal, Investment in natural sustainable goods, interesting and fascinating idea worth following

Explore usability of cork in other areas

Interesting, creative and sustainable product.

For it replace the unsustainable and environmentally detrimental building material that are part and parcel of life at the moment.

Miguel was very convincing cw intriguing idea.

One of the alternative internal building materials - using renewable materials. I expect to see it available in IKEA. This should attract millennials support

I liked your objective of sustainable buildings. This allows restructuring of current buildings according to the needs of the family and in some cases according to the events.

My vision for your company would be expansion into the developing countries. This could change the views on sanitation and privacy, this could be a game changer in the rural areas where they don't have permanent structures and are prone to flooding in the rainy months.

I like the concept.

That the company can grow in production and further ideas.

Believed in the concept; Diversification

Sustainable products are the trend and will be so in the future so, if well marketed in institutions that want to be seen as eco friendly and in institutions that want to lead that eco vision (governamental, european, ...) this will be a success and will be a must have, given its flexibility, in most of them

I am new in seedrs and to see a PT company developing an innovative product with a classic and native raw material was enough to invest

Grow and expand

i've worked in the cork business about 8 years and think the natural characteristics and i expected a good return

It is brilliant, I've worked in the cork business for about 8 years and i think that this application is out of the box and a unique due to the natural characteristics of the cork

The simplicity, the geniusuality of the solution, the WYSIWYG factor, the sustainable feature and the opportunity of playing with "Lego" in adult age!

Each house, no matter what social status, will benefit from this Corkbrick product. We all can contribute for a pleasant and natural design, where everyone feel free to create and experiment new forms and uses of the Corkbrick. More fans, more fun!

The innovation, simplicity and sustainability. And, of course, a huge market to explore.

Corkbrick is an idea, better, a product/concept that can fulfill a wide range of applications that is impossible at this time to know where it can end.

I am a fan of cork material and the idea of CorkBrick and excited to work with it

Expand supply to Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey, make those regions aware of the beneficial qualities of cork and opportunities to build from corkbrick

It seemed like a great idea and a great product.

To make it a successful and profitable business

To support a Portuguese company with a great idea.

To be the ‘go to’ company for great quality, sustainable structures

Sustainable and innovative product.

Domestic and commercial applications, for households and public areas.

It is an interesting idea, useful, practical and I can see a future for the it.


Pioneer an innovative project

Sustainable company inspiring followers

Support fellow entrepreneurs and a great idea

Really improve office open space solutions towards diversity and well being.

Startup portuguesa, cluster da cortiça, Lego-like

Ser o maior fornecedor de produtos de alta qualidade de mobiliário e decoração modulares em cortiça

Sustainability SORG

To be a global company and to be able, at the same time, to maintain its characteristics of: sustainability, dynamically and collectively built - “model’

Investment in a Versatile self design cork product

Varied finish texture and strength sustainable cork composite pieces

To participate on challenge start up

To be a leader on your market share

Business concept: sustainability, respect for all intervenients. An inspiration for a new paradigm in way make business

Later on

I honestly believed in Corkbrick's product and how it applies to different needs, from regular home applicability to business and event usage.

My vision for Corkbrick lies in its unique ability to make custom pieces for every need. Ideally, Corkbrick would have an online simulator in which a user could build its custom pieces in specific dimensions, thus ensuring a 100% fit. It should be really simple to assembly at home and have minimal working procedures (simpler than IKEA). Push should be made through direct online advertising, targeting people browsing for furniture solutions. Also, a brand "ambassadors" program should be though for social networks, having influencers posting Corkbricks products (having interior designers using the product would be great). B2B push should be made and I would focus on events as I really believe Corkbrick's solution definitely delivers a solid and easy to assemble and carry product (i'm thinking company events, big conferences, fairs and so on).

A good investment opportunity, with the possibility of being engaged in the management, together with an old friend, whose vision and ethics I admire

A sustainable alternative to worldwide furniture leaders such as IKEA, pioneering a successful business model of circular economy

The innovative concept of the product, the promoter and the philosophy of the project

A dolphin company

It comes following a simple conversation with Miguel Reynolds, who explain me the project and concept behind and I've to confess that it really becomes the driver of my investment. Corkbrick modular system is fully aligned with flexible/mobility trends that customers are looking for... it was easy to buy the idea/concept!!!

I believe that production stage achievement was an important milestone, but the critical success factor will be the production scale up to 4.000 units/day and product promotion strategy launch. Its key to have production capacity to answer to (expected) market demand. Then, the market will show us Corkbrick ambition/opportunity....I fully believe its huge!

Trust and confidence in Corkbrick management.

Confident in the future as long as keeps developing balancing mod and long term strategy and objectives.

The first reason is because i believe in the business model, I think the market for the product exists. Secondly, I trust the leadership and I feel we can have a lot of fun in the process.

My vision is one of a truly global market for Corckbrick with engaged customers sharing their creations and inspiring each other's creativity.

I like it

I see it as a way to shape and reshape flats and houses; not necessarily on a weekly/monthly basis, but on a sales/buy basis. I can't think of a better collaboration model than using container-homes to show how flexible it can get. The expansion to a familiar use in a home is quite complex in my opinion, but being a tool for companies and individuals working in interior design/renewal could be an option. Banks and the corresponding groups fo flats they own usually are full wrecked inside because of the previous owner not being able to pay the corresponding loan. It could be an option for bank to renew in a non-binding way the interior of a flat without having to request an engineer-authorisation.

Supporting the Crowdfund and Miguel

I hope you can focus on a niche for example wall dividing system for office, as great potential and sound absorption is a big topic. i believe is difficult home and professional or even wall and furniture - would focus on one major application and become the best in price, absorption and flexibility

Product potential and manager's reliability

Innovative DIY ecological and reusable product

Change the world for the best and still make money with it!

It can be mostly anywhere. The most thrilling about Corkbrick is that its applications are nearly endless and every time it is applied we are replacing unfriendly materials with a Planet friendly material.

It is a good model of business employing local natural resources and that could shape a new way of building.

It will continue growing

I believed in the idea right from the beginning that we could definitely make a change.

We will create a new way of creativity and innovation.

Facilitate sustainable ecological productions

Expand further in Europe and also Asia and NA

What was your main motivation to join and invest in CORKBRICK?

What is your vision for the future of CORKBRICK?

I saw reflected in CORKBRICK EUROPE the same sustainability values I uphold. I saw the opportunity to join a growing industry that relies on sustainable natural resources to create a product that can benefit peoples life, with a very large growth potential.

I see CORKBRICK as a company present in many homes, but above all supplying commercial and community venues worldwide.

I feel it would be natural to grow into other sustainable materials, such as hemp or vegetal waste.

I believe it has the potential to grow past it's initial indoor products and be make the jump to housing and structural constructions (easy-to-assemble structural walls/warehouses/houses).

Because it's a fun innovative and a sustainable product.

I see corkbrick in open space events, in homes, hotels, museums and universities. A new concept that will be integrated in top notch spots... beach resorts, "quintas" and retreat spaces.

It represents an innovative, creative and sustainability solution for many purposes

That it should permeate the sustainability ecosystem widely and globally and becomes established for all of its core use cases

The excitement of being involved with a brilliant idea In creating a new use for Cork at home in the office and on water.


The holistic way the project is structured and its potential

A new way to organise common spaces and create dynamic structures

The high-quality and sustainable product, CEO

To make different end products created in a easy and sustainable way with cork