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Homes of 2021 - The New Way of Living

 ‘The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that a high percentage of the world’s population has spent most of 2020 confined to our homes which have become hubs for work, exercise and education as well as leisure. Design and technology have driven new innovations that support the evolution of the home into a clean, safe and sustainable space with an integrated, digital ecosystem.’ by Aritico Report 2021 

 The past year of 2020 forced us to rethink our homes and the way we live in these…

The necessity of comfort, versatility of space and healthy environment has sharply grown, and innovation is now focused and very much needed in that sense.

 Our homes are no longer seen as sleeping pods, and suddenly became our office, our gym, our social meeting place, our everything!

Needless to say that none of us had the space ready to provide all of these functions… It is therefore important more than ever to look at space as multifunctional rather than to define space for one use. Versatility is key.

A need for innovation focused in confort, versatility and health in households


It allows different uses in the same space, as the needs vary. It is a simple and fast DIY, by mounting and dismounting just like LEGO for real life situations.

This revolutionary innovation came just in time to respond to the current global needs and situation we live in, and fits in with so many others as described in the article Aritico Report 2021.

 By using CORKBRICK we open the possibility of rearranging and adapting our own space, instead of substituting and demolishing what we already have - avoiding material and resource waste.





Home office by CORKBRICK - Bilbao

 CORKBRICK happens to be a product that already considers these three emerging factors as main concerns in a household.
 Just as we described in our previous article, About Cork, the material itself has anti-microbial characteristics, promoting indoors air quality and bringing nature inside your home. Secondly, the texture and feel of this natural material offers great comfort in use as furniture, as it maintains a warm temperature and flexible molecular density. Last but not least, as being a modular product composed only by 7 blocks, CORKBRICK maximizes versatility of space.
Image from About Cork article
Home Decoration by CORKBRICK :


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