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Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

Field Hospital - Pandemic Solutions

CORKBRICK reacts to global needs. 

There is an emerging need of development of products that respond to our current global situation - the COVID-19 pandemic. This spreading disease, although already being fight by a vaccine, is dragging down economy and healthcare service in every country. There is a need for closure of several different businesses and of adaptation of workers to home office and remote work (when possible) that will have a great impact in economy. In healthcare, there is already an overflow of patients, and consequent lack of material, professionals and even space

In this image we use Manaus Wall and Bologna Wall

Dynamic Isolation/Treatment Rooms

CORKBRICK gives you an idea of how you can create separate patient rooms in a warehouse/tent, with a dynamic characteristic that allows you to reduce or increase capacity as needed. 
By creating the individual treatment pods, you prevent disease spread and give comfort of the patient for a faster healing process. These structures have temperature and sound insulation promoting a better environment for the patient. The material itself - cork - can be a great benefit in this use as it is antimicrobial and acts as an air purifier, bringing nature indoors through it’s scent, feel and natural aspect.

CORKBRICK's material - cork - is known for being sound and thermal insulator, antimicrobial and air purifier!

Last but not least, being a contagious disease, COVID-19 patients are usually isolated and lonely, which does not help improve their condition… with CORKBRICK you can personalize your treatment pod, with some of your favourite accessories and memories, and easily change it for the next user. 

Check out our blog post about health infrastructures for more ideas. 


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