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Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

CORKBRICK @ Health Infrastructures

CORKBRICK's versatility capacities strike again!

Being challenged by our dear friend and adviser Bruce Grulke to build the interior spaces for a hospital, opened another set of opportunities to use our CORKBRICKs.

By compartmentalizing with CORKBRICK, we allow the spaces to respond to the current necessities- could be a very good benefit in caos and extreme situations, or even just in normal occasions where you prefer having a private or shared room. 

These compartments adapt to the day-to-day needs in a hospital, evoking nature inside walls, and even purifying air- great for heeling process. 

The material itself makes any room cosy and comfortable, and allows to pin photos and cards so that the patient can feel loved towards a faster recovery. With a set of different add-ons, you can explore and expand even more the building capacities and the usage of CORKBRICKs.


PS: If you are a creative mind, you will like to, Among us we have Architects, Engineers, Designers, all creative minds from organisations like Google, Lego, Cisco, University of London, to name a few. We are already more than 300 in 29 countries. Now we are heading to 500, on our way to build the first "Fan Owned Company" to create "Sustainable Dynamic Structures and Furniture ". It is thanks to our fans that we will be able to dream bigger and bring CORKBRICK to every household in the world!    



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