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Easy Extra Room

Want to welcome guests but don't have a guest room? With Corkbrick you can easily create an extra room if you have the space for it in your living room or any other compartment at your house. If you just need it for a couple of days, mount and dismount and use it as casual furniture like sofa base and coffee table on the ordinary days.

 Product Description:

  • Extra Room : single bed base + wall
  • Weight: 296,24kg


Product Application — or any other items, you can think of:

  1. Wall (3.60m L x 2.4m H) + Single Bed
  2. Wall (2.4m L x 2.4m H) + Double bed
  3. Sofa Base
  4. Double Bed Base
  5. Coffee table + Bench
  6. (...)


*This pack includes only the brocks described above. Any of the add ons on the image are purely for creations of scenarios, cannot be sold by CORKBRICK.

Enjoy, create and share your own experience with CORKBRICK!