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SARDENHA - Seating Area

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Curie and Hawking are hosting this year's science fair, their idea is to have all the presenters and their works in a gallery style format. Everyone has their work posted on a wall or corkboard and people can walk around and listen to different scientists present their research. Curie and Hawking have noticed that with the museum/ gallery format the public get tired from standing and that temporarily they like to sit, even discuss with others about that they have just seen. To encourage discussion and give a break to peoples legs they have decided to provide people with seating areas. Curie and hawking have to work out the logistics, luckily for them CORKBRICK has many solutions available to help them.

The Sardenha Seating Area is a solution that provides seating area for many people. It can be build and arranged to fit their specific seating and space requirements. They can spread the seating or condense it, they can shape it into a square or a line or whatever cool design they can think of. Marie and Hawking can even break it up and make a few different benches, seats and tables with one kit. They appreciate the fact that  CORKBRICKSolutions calculator - Google Sheets  gives how many other alternatives they could build! Marie and Hawking can follow the templates or come up with new ways to use CORKBRICK .

Product Description: 

Having a big event and need a different solution for seating your guests? Here is a ready to buy solution for you! Feel free to ask for a special project that fits your own space the perfect way. For a costumized project click here.


length: 4,20m       width: 5,40m         height: 0,40m



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