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modular structures- diy-temporary settlements-natural-cork-corkbrick

NIGERIA - Sleeping Pod

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The Story:

The Nigeria sleeping pod is emblematic of CorkBrick’s fundamental message, utilitarian and reusable. It uses all the qualities of its material providing the sleeper with thermal and sound insulation from their surroundings. These qualities are all in one with cork as a material and unlike alternatives it is completely natural. The sleeping pod is perfect for use in large quantities, for uses such as camps, campaign hospitals, emergency situations, or just your children’s bedroom. These sleeping pods allow a comfortable bed base that you may use with or without a mattress and also gives you privacy with the surrounding walls. Versatile in uses and with many more possible combinations possible, using our calculator CORKBRICK Solutions calculator - Google Sheets  to find out how many other alternatives you can build. With this set you can also build the Comporta Sofa or the Malta coffee table and many many more.


Product Description: 

This item is perfect for a crisis situation where you might need extra beds. These sleeping pods allow a comfortable bed base that you may use with or without mattress and also gives you privacy with the surrounding walls. It may also be used as an extra individual room in a household. 


bed size: 0,80m width x 2,00m length x 0,40m height 

wall size: 1,00m width x 2,20m length x  2,00m height



The first image illustrates how this product can be used by repetition or with other products of CORKBRICK.


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