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sports bench- natural-cork-corkbrick
sports bench- natural-cork-corkbrick

Estoril Sports Bench

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Having a big Sports Event and need a seating plan for your participants? Here is a solution for you! Make your own or request a special project from us and you can get a multi-use sport bench that can later transform into the podium at the end of the competition!

1.2m x 7.4m

Product Application - or any other items, you can think of:

  1. Podium
  2. Stage
  3. Various formats of bench


*This product's price is only indicative and may suffer changes after project design.

** We recommend the use of covers or collecting the product indoors when not in use to protect from the natural wear and tear from climate conditions. 

Enjoy, create and share your CORKBRICK idea and experience!