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Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

Sustainable solution to renovate Castles and listed buildings, permits free!

The struggle in listed property renovation in Europe
Having a hard time in home renovation, refreshing your home space ?
Is it difficult access? Is it endless city hall restrictions having a historic/ classified/listed property? 
'If a building is on the list, any building work will require 'listed building consent', according to the Planning Act 1990. This is obtained through the local planning authority. Even minor works, such as painting or simple repair work in some circumstances, falls under the scope of this act.' from BBC Article 

The same throughout Europe.  Not only for Castle owners... the truth is, some of us live in places such as classified homes, renovated old buildings or even a duplex with a hardly accessible attic space. 

What happens is, a lot of the standard furniture doesn't fit through the passages of these peculiar spaces, and city hall renovation restrictions are endless, but guess what?... CORKBRICK solves!

 modular division walls - sustainable structures - corkbrick - dynamic structures- classified properties renovation Creating divisions in large halls in castles and classified properties with an easy sustainable solution - CORKBRICK - create dynamic divisions that do not require licensing nor construction work

castle decoration- corkbrick-classified properties- cork-sustainable furniture

 Castle Decoration Plans by CORKBRICK - sustainable dynamic furniture

sustainable furniture- corkbrick- natural decoration - diy
A Castle Room with CORKBRICK Sustainable Furniture: allows you to configure difficult spaces with tailor made dynamic furniture.

By being composed of 7 individual 'brocks', CORKBRICK gives you a global solution for home renovations!

Not only can it fit through all these peculiar spaces, but also allows you to renovate these spaces and add furniture without the need of license, with no restrictions!! 
The value of architecture and the essence of the building is lost through imitation...

The best approach for renovating classified, listed,  properties, in our view, is to appreciate, respect and restore the old parts, and combine through contrast with the new and evolved architecture. 

As art critic John Ruskin would argue,

“For a design to have integrity, it must be a product of its own time.” 

corkbrick- classified properties - renovation of classified properties - sustainable furniture

Listed  Property Decoration Plan w/ CORKBRICK — home renovation, classic, listed apartment renovations.

 Difficult access for your standard furniture? Not with CORKBRICK! A Sustainable Solution for your new furniture layout; a dynamic solution to property renovation.

Contact us for a tailor made renovation project for your property: Architecture + Decoration Plans by CORKBRICK!