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Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

Permit free renovations — a quick, comfortable and beautiful sustainable solution

The struggle in renovating classified properties in Monaco 
'Whether planning a whole new architecture, renovating an old ruin, or making additions to a family home all may require building, construction permits and if so need an inspection by building construction inspection services. It can look like a minefield of information to consider and many codes and regulations to adhere to. There is an overview of the requirements of building, construction permits, and the process of building inspection services will follow.' source
Having a hard time in refreshing your home space?
Is it difficult access? Is it endless city hall restrictions having a historic/classified property? 
Luxury and Easy renovation permit free
Not only for Castle owners... the truth is, some of us live in places such as classified homes, renovated old buildings or even a duplex with a hardly accessible attic space. 
What happens is, a lot of the standard furniture doesn't fit through the passages of these peculiar spaces, and city hall renovation restrictions are endless, but guess what?... CORKBRICK solves!
By being composed of 7 individual 'brocks', CORKBRICK gives you a global solution for this problem!
Not only can it fit through all these peculiar spaces, but also allows you to configure these spaces and add furniture without the need of license, with no restrictions!! 
Contact us for a tailor made project for your home!