CORKBRICK EUROPE - 2nd Equity Crowdfunding

Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

CORKBRICK EUROPE - 2nd Equity Crowdfunding

CORKBRICK EUROPE showed it's true colours to the world back in 2017 when we reached a point where if we were going to make something happen, we'd need more fans to join the movement. The response was astounding!

Our first equity crowdfunding was a huge success: 247 fans, 247 investors, spread through 29 countries exceeding 130% over-funding.

Now, on this second Equity Crowdfunding, the objective was to raise 250,000€ from 250 new investors.

And once again, we made it!

The target for Corkbrick’s second Seedrs funding round was set at €250,033 but following a surge of interest it raised more than  €270,000 bringing onboard 255 investors, taking its total number of retail investors across its two Seedrs rounds up to 500.

Funds raised will go towards increasing production 10 times to 4,000 pieces a day. CORKBRICK is on its way to build the first "Fan Owned Company" to create "Sustainable Dynamic Structures and Furniture ".

Among us we have Architects, Engineers, Designers, all creative minds from organisations like Google, Lego, Cisco, University of London, to name a few and "It is thanks to our fans that we will be able to dream bigger and bring CORKBRICK to every household in the world!"*



Now we are not on a public Equity crowdfunding mode but we are still looking for the last “creative minds” that want to join us and be part of this movement.

“ Our vision is to create an organization where all members are fans. Fans of the CORKBRICK concept. That is the reason why we decided to open the company’s equity to individuals through Seedrs: we are looking for people that “vibrate” with the concept and understand the business potential. Fans bring an extra energy that will empower company's creativity, flexibility, and endurance regardless of their financial commitment.” -Miguel Reynolds Brandão, CORKBRICK EUROPE CEO & Founder

If you are a fan, a like-minded one, if you fell our philosophy as yours, if you share our sustainable vision and if you are interested to enjoy this journey with us, let us know and talk to us. 

We look forward to welcoming you! 


Join us Here!




 *- Miguel Reynolds Brandão, CORKBRICK EUROPE CEO & Founder