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wine stand-diy-cork-natural-corkbrick
wine stand-diy-cork-natural-corkbrick
wine stand-diy-cork-natural-corkbrick

DOURO - Stand

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About Douro:

There is creativity in displaying wine on cork, cork is after all what preserves wine and enables it to age to perfection. For thousands of years cork has been used to seal grape’s elixir. Now you can promote your wine or a variety of other products on this cork display stand. Inspired by the Douros terraced vineyards, the wine stand provides a great gripped surface to display your products. It is solid, stable, clean, modular and reusable. With this set you can also build the Lisbon Bench, use our calculator CORKBRICK Solutions calculator - Google Sheets  to find out how many other alternatives you can build. You can create a permanent display for your store or use it as a mobile display for a variety of events, whether you are showcasing your objects at a gala or farmers market, the Douro stand is easy to move and compact. Always there to provide a solution to showcase your valued items.

Product Description: 

Having a wine showcase event around the world? Here you have a solution to display your products the best way, with the advantage of mounting and dismounting to everywhere you go! 


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