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BERLIN — Kids Castle

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CORKBRICK is designed to be fun and should not be just for adults. Therefore CORKBRICK has designed a kit with children playtime in mind. The Berlin Castle kit is the perfect play set for children, they can build and play in their castle. Modeled after a medieval castle it  provides a ward with walls and ramparts to protect from the enemies. And you can rest easy that it is a completely natural ecofriendly sustainable product that is child safe. You can set it up for them, or the kids can build it, it is very fast and easy. And a perfect creativity exercise that stimulates imagination and creative thinking. CORKBRICK blocks are modular, which means you can build whatever they can imagine. And Perfect for you to be able to store the blocks, they can easily be taken down and staked into a space saving shape or transformed into a couch. Using our calculator  CORKBRICK Solutions calculator - Google Sheets  to find out how many other alternatives you can build.

Because your kids deserve some Corkbricks as well, we have created this children's Castle, which can easily transform into other utilities like a sofa base, a half wall division, you name it...


Product Description:

    • Children's Playing Castle
    •  Lenght: 1.80m Width 1.40m Height 1.40m


    This pack contains 150 brocks:

    Product Application — or any other items, you can think of:

    1. Children's Castle
    2. Space divisors
    3. Half walls
    4.  (...)


    *This pack includes only the brocks described above. Any of the add-ons on the image are purely for creations of scenarios, cannot be sold by CORKBRICK

    ** We recommend the use of covers or collecting the product indoors when not in use to protect from the natural wear and tear from climate conditions. 

    The first image illustrates how this product can be used by repetition or with other products of CORKBRICK. (comporta sofa; malta)

    Enjoy, create and share your own experience with CORKBRICK!