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JUNGLE -  A fun Sustainable Family/party Game to empower creativity

JUNGLE - A fun Sustainable Family/party Game to empower creativity

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Corkbrick Jenga-like game  for adult garden parties. A great way to come together, connect, play and create. Great to involve friends, family in a fun and sustainable activity that empowers creativity.

The objective is to extract "brocks" from the tower avoiding the tower collapse.  The tower can be built with different configurations from game to game to change the difficulty level. 

After the game all the pieces, "bocks" can be mounted in alternative configurations to be used in the house.  This double of use as a game or as a useful furniture or structure, is a unique characteristic of the corkbrick solutions.

 Instruction Video Below:

Number of Brocks Required:

Product Description:

  • Game/Tower (2.00m x 0.40m)

Product Application — or any other items, you can think of:

  1. Displays
  2. Seating

Product creations of same brocks:

This product is ready to build but you may also personalize your product size to adapt your space. Contact us for more information! Numerous sizes available. 


    *This pack includes only the brocks described above. Any of the add-ons on the image are purely for creations of scenarios, cannot be sold by CORKBRICK.

    ** This product was created by: 3D Designer, GISELLE OTERO ROSA


    1) We do not recommend this product for outdoor usage since it might be vulnerable to strong winds. 

    Enjoy, create and share your own experience with CORKBRICK!