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FOZ - Decorative Wall
FOZ - Decorative Wall

FOZ - Decorative Wall

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Check out our modular walls for space division. These walls can be personalized for your space, and can create a seperate environment, at home, in an office, museum, you name it! 

Freedom in terms of creativity and flexibility when it comes to furniture? Structures that aren’t just stylish but also easy to expand and redesign? CORKBRICK EUROPE makes it possible. Visit our website today to witness the endless possibilities of DIY furnishings. Whether you are eight or eighty, you will have a great time enhancing your home with CORKBRICK’s sustainable, modern solutions. 

Product Description:

  • Decorative Wall ( 0,85m width x 3,20m length x 2,00m height)


Product Application — or any other items, you can think of:

  1. Space divisors
  2. Half walls
  3. TV unit + back of sofa base
  4. Co-work hub
  5. (...)


*This pack includes only the brocks described above. Any of the add-ons on the image are purely for creations of scenarios, cannot be sold by CORKBRICK.

Enjoy, create and share your own experience with CORKBRICK!


1) We do not recommend this product for outdoor usage since it might be vulnerable to strong winds.