Imagination+joy+collaboration to invent sustainable dynamic structures – CORKBRICK EUROPE

Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions


From 22nd at 6pm to 12pm on the 24th of October!

18 creators, 42h, 888 Corkbricks, imagination, joy and collaboration in a marathon to invent sustainable and dynamic corkbrick solutions for home, office or public spaces.

An Initiative WOW and Corkbrick Europe that will be a model to be replicated, first in Europe and then around the world.

An inspiring example of how through collaboration, creativity, fun, sustainable solutions can be developed to improve everyone's lives — at home, in business or in public spaces.

Any solutions that are innovative will qualify for the corkbrick store and the respective authors will benefit from 3.78% royalties — forever!

Virtual creators can also participate through corkbrick-play or any other CAD software (Sketchup. Autocad — Corkbricks are in the 3d Warehouse).

The CORKBRICK-WOW marathon starts at 18:00 on the 22nd and ends with a party on Sunday 24th at 12:00h. The WOW space will be a unique source of inspiration, associated with the WOW concept, space architecture, location and sustainability. 

The CORKBRICK-WOW marathon will illustrate and promote the concept of sustainable and dynamic structures and furniture invented by Corkbrick Europe.

Candidates to participate must answer the questionnaire at



Download the Poster to share in your university