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CORKBRICK Europe Has Emerged As The Winner of Raumprobe Material Prize, 2022


 The Competition For Excellent Materiality

CORKBRICK Europe has emerged as the winner of the 2022 edition of the Competition for Excellent Materiality organised by Raumprobe Initiative. The contest leading to the award of the highly coveted Raumprobe Material Prize saw us go up against top innovators from over 20 countries around the world. 

The Competition for Excellent Materiality is organised to award manufacturers with the most innovative and quality new material developments. It focuses on the entire process chain, from production to application. As the winner of the 2022 edition of the Raumprobe Material Prize CORKBRICK Europe will receive an award for the best material development at the Award Ceremony on June 22, 2022 at the Raumprobe Exhibition and Inner Courtyard, Stuttgart, Germany. 

About The Raumprobe Material Prize 


The Raumprobe Material Prize is one of the few awards for the best material development in the construction industry. It focuses on innovation and quality, starting from the production process to its applications. The award was launched in 2013, and has seen renowned corporations, start-ups, and individuals emerge as winners of previous editions.

The Raumprobe Material Prize Award is viewed positively in the professional world due to the high quality and innovative power among competitors that have made it become a seal of approval, as the winner must share an extraordinary material competence.

About Us


CORKBRICK Europe is the world's leading manufacturer of sustainable dynamic structures and furniture used to optimize spaces in homes, offices, and public places in a simple and completely modular Do It Yourself (DIY) system. Our products are made with 100% natural materials obtained from the cork oak tree and directly impact on 6 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and all 5 European Union Green Deal Goals.

Our space solutions are multipurpose in nature, and can easily be reconfigured to meet immediate space needs, with the possibility of reusing the same sets of modules (brocks) to build another structure or furniture in the future without breaking a wall. 


Why Were We Chosen For The Raumprobe Material Prize Award?

We at CORKBRICK Europe have revolutionized the world of architecture and interior design by introducing the concept of sustainable dynamic structures and furniture. CORKBRICK is a patented, innovative, useful, and sustainable solution that promises to transform the space we live and work in. Furthermore, CORKBRICK impacts 6 out of the 17 SDGs, and all 5 Green Deal Goals. We have been able to place flexibility and sustainability side by side, and also ensure that our products align with the global efforts to mitigate against climate change. 

We are the first to use cork, a 100% renewable natural material, to offer a dynamic structures solution for spaces. The innovative ideas behind Corkbricks have seen single objects take on different shapes, sizes, and designs at various moments just to meet our immediate specific needs. Our products are eco-friendly, acoustic, reusable, and easy to install or dismantle.

Corkbrick has a unique process that goes beyond revolutionising structures and furniture making. We are also committed to addressing the challenges of climate change, which the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified as the biggest health threat facing humanity. All these innovative ideas, and the giant steps we are making in our quest to replace traditional structures and furniture, saw us emerge as the winner of Raumprobe Material Prize 2022. 

Our Chances Before The Competition For Excellent Materiality 2022

At CORKBRICK Europe, we have always been optimistic that our innovative products will stand out in any competition, including the Competition for Excellent Materiality 2022. We are the first to use one of nature’s free gifts (cork) to redefine how we interact with the spaces we live and work in, while also ensuring that the ecosystem is preserved for future generations.

From the process of harvesting raw materials to the production and application of corkbricks, we have been able to distinguish ourselves from others through our innovative ideas. The sustainability, flexibility, and direct impact of our products on the SDGs and Green Deal Goals, and our ability to adapt to spaces in different designs and sizes, are second to none. 

Corkbrick is an example of how to leverage natural resources to create a simple, practical, better solution that stimulate creativity and collaboration among people, in family and work environments. Each Corkbrick "brock" we sell will generate, at least, 20€ SDG Impact. 


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