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CORKBRICK will be at "Materials Science Marathon 2019"

CORKBRICK will be present, tomorrow, March 26th , in Instituto Superior Tècnico , as one of the speaker guests in the “MATERIAL SCIENCE MARATHON 2019” Event.

The Material Science Marathon 2019 is an event organized by the NEMat - Materials engineering students center,from the Instituto técnico of Lisbon  with the purpose to bring together students, teachers and professionals on a networking day to share experiences, knowledge  and progress about the importance of the “Materials” in all the different industries.

CORKBRICK ,will be one of the 4 experts, who will be discuss over the panel “ Cork and it’s different use applications ” .

In this event , all participants are challenged to leave their comfort zone, to think about the current problems and how the materials can solve them. Critical and constructive thinking is encouraged as fundamental tools for tomorrow.

Here’s a video from 2018 edition