CORKBRICK presents the unit of production to the shareholders/fans. – CORKBRICK EUROPE

Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

CORKBRICK presents the unit of production to the shareholders/fans.

Representatives of 4 continents visited the factory in São Brás de Alportal.  

CORKBRICK a Portuguese start up that developed a modular construction system of blocks made of cork  allowing to create any type of structure or furniture without the use of tools, gathering in Portugal around 15 of the 247 investors and fans of 29 countries, to present its production unit in São Brás de Alportal in the new cork factory.  

This was the second reunion of the company's shareholders that were brought together in 2017 raising 150.000€  of finances in exchange of 15% of the capital through Seedrs platform, with the aim to create a “Fan Owned Company”, its CEO Miguel Reynolds Brandão pointed out that the investment is running at a good pace, even though the testing and adjustments have been prolonged over a 6 months period, in order to guarantee that the final products are easily  handled within the timing for the optimations of the production.

In July 2019 the company intends on adding  a new production line allowing mass produce at a level from 4,000 units a day and thus allowing them to be able to respond to requests and to manifest the interest that has been received throughout the world. At the moment, as founder Miguel Reynolds Brandão refers, “our priority is to establish partners with pioneer clients and exemplary applications, memorable to our product, to increase our visibility and to let us know and to inspire people with our numerous applications of natural solutions and let us conceive sustainability.

“For us it's with great pride to have among  our shareholders such diverse investors, from executives of Google, Lego, Cisco, University of Architecture in London, and a little of everything from all over the world, believing in the project that is running  smoothly, compromise and responsibility” says Miguel Reynolds Brandão who adds “ We are making history” with a concept that stimulates the capacity of creation throughout our fans- imagine a sustainable Lego for everyone and for life, transforming the space we live and interact.



CORKBRICK EUROPE is an innovative “fan owned company” that creates and develops dynamic and sustainable architecture solutions through a modular building system with cork bricks (blocks)  that allow the creation and construction of any type of structure or furniture without the use of tools or glue. The company has a mission to engage the whole community with the common purpose to form a creative and sustainable community, in which all shareholders and fans have the opportunity to participate directly in the development of the products, benefiting from a share of the profits.

CORKBRICK  contributes in a unique way to the reinvention of the way we deal with nature and the space in which we live in, assuming that the current wasteful practices are unsustainable in the short term. The company takes advantage of the unique characteristics that only nature offers, through a product with unique characteristics such as cork, whose durability and possibility of reuse is consistent with the urgent need to extend product life cycles over time and generations .

CORKBRICK at the moment has 247 investor fans in 29 countries.


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