CORKBRICK EUROPE Selected as Finalist for the 2023 Go Global Awards

Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

CORKBRICK EUROPE Selected as Finalist for the 2023 Go Global Awards

CORKBRICK EUROPE, a pioneer in Sustainable Dynamic Structures and Furniture, is proud to announce its selection as a finalist for the prestigious 2023 Go Global Awards. This global event, hosted by the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, in partnership with the International Trade Council, brings together CEOs, government trade and investment agency chiefs, and industry leaders from over 76 countries, providing a unique platform for showcasing CORKBRICK EUROPE's achievements and expanding international business opportunities.

 As a finalist, CORKBRICK EUROPE will have the opportunity to present before esteemed government trade and investment agency chiefs from more than 30 countries, engage in targeted B2B meetings, and participate in a multilateral trade and investment program tailored to support international expansion efforts. This exclusive program aims to connect companies with potential partners, facilitate networking opportunities, and foster strategic alliances to drive global growth.

 "We, at CORKBRICK EUROPE, feel immensely honoured as a 2023 Go Global Awards finalist," expressed Miguel Reynolds, our CEO. "This acknowledgement celebrates our commitment as inventors of the concept of  Sustainable Dynamic Structures and Furniture, propelling us as the new paradigm in architecture and interior design, that empower anyone can be the architect of their own space. Engaging with industry leaders amplifies our mission to revolutionise spaces worldwide."

 The Go Global Awards program celebrates achievements across various sectors, with 63 awards to be presented during the event. It brings together more than 500 CEOs representing companies of all sizes, from billion-dollar corporations to fast-growing startups, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business development opportunities on a global scale. The 2022 Go Global Awards were held in Tallinn, Estonia, and hosted by the Government of Estonia under the Enterprise Estonia agency.


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BE THE ARCHITECT OF YOUR OWN SPACE! A real-size modular system - inspired by Lego, invented for life. CORKBRICK reinvents the way we deal with nature and the space we live in. It is a natural solution that can be used again and again while providing us with benefits from nature such as better indoor climate and sound isolation.

About the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation:

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation serves as the proud host of the 2023 Go Global Awards. As the state's economic development agency, the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation is dedicated to driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and promoting international trade and investment opportunities. With a forward-thinking approach, strategic geographic location, robust infrastructure, and a diverse resource base, Rhode Island has emerged as an epicenter of economic activity in the USA. By hosting the Go Global Awards, Rhode Island Commerce aims to showcase the state's strengths, connect global businesses with local industries, and create new opportunities in the international supply chain and foreign direct investment into the State. This collaboration between Rhode Island Commerce and the International Trade Council ensures a dynamic and impactful program that supports businesses in their expansion efforts and celebrates global business success.