CORKBRICK EUROPE Receives a "GO" Evaluation from European Innovation C

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CORKBRICK EUROPE Receives a "GO" Evaluation from European Innovation Council Accelerator

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[Cascais, 15/03/2023] - CORKBRICK EUROPE, the leading innovator in the architectural industry, is thrilled to announce that our project for scaling up production and implementing a comprehensive go-to-market plan has received a "GO" evaluation at stage 1 from the prestigious European Innovation Council (EIC).

I have the pleasure to inform you that the 4 experts assigned to the evaluation of your Accelerator step 1 proposal have returned an overall "GO" recommendation”

The European Innovation Council, renowned for its support of groundbreaking projects and disruptive innovations, has recognised the transformative potential of CORKBRICK EUROPE's new paradigm in the construction sector. This evaluation marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionise the way we design and build spaces.

"We are honoured to receive the 'GO' evaluation from the European Innovation Council," said Miguel Reynolds Brandão, CEO of CORKBRICK EUROPE. "This recognition validates our commitment to driving innovation in the architectural industry and further strengthens our position as a disruptive force in the market."

The evaluation acknowledges the promising nature of CORKBRICK EUROPE's scaling up production and go-to-market plan, which aims to meet the growing demand for our revolutionary CORKBRICK system. By leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies and strategic marketing initiatives, we are poised to expand our reach and empower individuals to become architects of their own spaces.

"Our goal is to empower people to unleash their creativity and reshape their environments using CORKBRICK," added Miguel Reynolds Brandão. "This evaluation fuels our motivation to accelerate the scaling process and make our innovative solution accessible to a wider audience."

With the "GO" evaluation in hand, CORKBRICK EUROPE will now move forward to stage 2, where we will further refine our project plan and present our vision to the European Innovation Council. The successful completion of stage 2 will unlock invaluable resources and support from the EIC, propelling us closer to realising our mission of transforming the architectural landscape.

CORKBRICK EUROPE extends its gratitude to the European Innovation Council for their recognition and support. We are excited about the future as we continue to disrupt the industry, foster sustainability, and empower individuals to shape their spaces.