Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions


GREENFEST celebrate the best in the Environmental, Social, Economic and Cultural aspects.

GREENFEST is the largest Sustainability Movement in the Portugal. This year, the edition of Greenfest Carcavelos is DIGITAL! Access the online platform with several Parallel Sessions, Virtual Exhibitions and Main Stage! You will be able to attend Lectures, Debates, Show Cookings, and much more!

The first edition took place in Estoril in 2008. Since then, GREENFEST has consolidated itself as a platform for sharing ideas, inter-generational experiences and current trends, contributing to a greater visibility of projects and initiatives by companies, institutions and citizens who are interested in a more balanced and prosperous future.

CORKBRICK EUROPE welcomed the invitation to join the partners that make such a remarkable event already an international reference. 

Miguel Reynolds will share ideas in  "GTrends: Sustainability Trends Forum", November 20th at 16:15,  and CORKBRICK EUROPE will demonstrate a Sustainable Dynamic Structure created for the occasion in some of the sessions.

Moreover, CORKBRICK and GREENFEST will run an auction of a "Manaus" and 3.88% of the result of the auction will be added  to the COMVIDA  award. 

The "Manaus" solution is ideal for creating reserved spaces within the home. Whether for family use or teleworking. In less than an hour anyone can assemble or disassemble; No tools, glues or manuals;  As simple and as fun as playing with Lego.



"In this atypical moment of conditioning, there is nothing like a natural, sustainable, useful and fun solution to involve the whole family in the recreation of space at home."


Don't miss the opportunity to watch Greenfest from the comfort of your home - we are waiting for you! 



Greenfest, in partnership with Santander Group and Accenture, rewards active citizenship during the pandemic crisis. COMVIDA is a merit award that aims to recognise and thank entrepreneurs, institutions and citizens who responded in an exemplary way to the pandemic crisis of COVID19. Applications will run until the end of the year (31 December 2020). The delivery of the prizes will be announced shortly. Further details at