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Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

Corkbrick Europe Announces Strategic Investment from Cork Supply and World of Satinka

Cascais, Portugal  - Corkbrick Europe, the world's leading manufacturer of sustainable dynamic structures and furniture, is excited to announce a strategic investment from Cork Supply and World of Satinka. The investment from these innovative companies aligns with Corkbrick Europe's mission to provide sustainable and accessible building solutions.

Corkbrick is a revolutionary building system that empowers anyone to be the architect of their own space. Made from natural cork, Corkbrick is sustainable, sound and temperature insulated and allows users to build anything they can imagine with just 7 pieces. 

"Cork Supply and World of Satinka share our vision of sustainable and accessible building solutions and will be major contributors to reach our mission since both companies are in our value chain, cork supply at upstream and World of Satynka downstream ," said Miguel Reynolds, CEO of Corkbrick Europe. "Their expertise and commitment to sustainability make them valuable partners as we continue to grow and expand our business."   

Cork Supply is a global industry leader, experts in closures, that focuses on long-term business success through the production and distribution of premium products and services. The company is committed to developing long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers, consistently meeting customers' expectations with service and product quality, and working with honesty, integrity and respect at all times. The Cork Supply Group changed its name to HARV 81 GROUP, underlining the founding of the group in 1981, and the starting point of a culture of expertise within the winemaking industry. With our deep commitment to quality, we support the wine and spirits producers, providing consistent and reliable solutions at our companies Cork Supply, Tonnellerie Ô and Studio Labels. HARV 81 GROUP are experts in Closures, Oak and Labels.

With its integrated team of experts in sustainable architecture, engineering, and construction , World of Satinka offers consulting, project development services and educational sessions aligned with its holistic approach. By embodying a global vision, World of Satinka builds unique, creative, comfortable and elegant living spaces. This leads to an optimised well-being through improved air quality, thermal and acoustic comfort, materials and finishes.