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Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

CorkBrick Europe debut Sustainable Dynamic Structures at DDW 2022

Cascais, September 9th 2022 

The innovative building blocks of Corkbrick Europe are transforming the architecture of spatial design and revamping the world of interior living. 

This unorthodox yet ingenious thinking is why Corkbrick Europe has been invited by the Dutch Design Week to showcase sustainable living habits within the new and cutting-edge spatial design trends. 

Dutch Design Week (DDW) is notably the most prominent design event in Northern Europe and has provided a platform for some of the greatest designers in all major fields to showcase their craft. The nine-day event runs across one big theme that needs to be transparent in all the designs portrayed throughout the event. The theme for the 2022 DDW is Get Set

According to Miriam van der Lubbe and the Dutch Design Foundation (DDF), the theme Get Set is rooted in listening to your community. It is an actionable word that requires design to move beyond its visual and aesthetic background and elevate into an artefact that unearths a meaningful impact within the community and the world at large. 

Architect and co-founder of Corkbrick Europe, Catarina Reynolds Brandão, notes that “Corkbrick symbolises a substantial change towards a new paradigm  in the interior architecture of private and public spaces, empowering people’s creativity to adapt the space to the need of the moment.” She goes on to state that her frequent work with abandoned buildings is what inspired her to empower people's creativity through flexible, sustainable, and durable builds that are innovative enough to preserve for both present and future use.  

Corkbrick Europe’s versatile modular system is crafted with the elements of sustainability and creativity in mind and shifts the norms of traditional architecture and interior decor. The collaboration with DDW highlights the core values that Corkbrick Europe has developed in its craft, which include versatility, resourcefulness, humanity, and sustainability. 

These core values highlight the meaning of Get Set and propel the audience to consider alternative ways to solve problems in their communities, such as product waste, by using natural and durable products and designs.  In the words of Miriam van der Lubbe, “We must Get Set for the challenges we’re facing, but we must also get our setting right. “ (DDW Talks, 2022)

The setting for the 2022 Dutch Design Week takes place from the 22nd-30th October 2022, and tickets are on sale now on their platform website.  Further details on 

About Corkbrick Europe

Corkbrick Europe is a real-life modular system - inspired by Lego and invented for life. Corkbrick harvests the sustainable material found in cork oak trees and transforms it into versatile, durable, and enchanting pieces of home, office, and spatial decor. The building blocks crafted from the cork oak are lightweight, easy to assemble, and require no glue, screws, or tools as they perfectly fall into each other.  Corkbrick is a whimsical wonder of structural design and spatial decor that transcends into dynamic and sustainable living.

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