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Lego For Grown-ups To Create Furniture? That'd Be CORKBRICK.

Ask any mother what her top ten favorite toys for kids are and somewhere on that list will be Lego. Everyone loves Lego. The simplicity of this toy inspires hours of fun and imagination. And the effect seems to be long lasting, just ask author and entrepreneur Miguel Reynolds Brandao. He’s taken the Lego concept to a whole new level.

A “sustainability” soldier whose entire professional life has been centered upon launching companies that help save the planet in one form or another, Miguel’s newest brainstorm will have even the most inept DIY’ers designing and building their family room furniture as simply as the snapping of two Lego pieces together.  I kid you not.  These Lego pieces, however, aren’t made of plastic, but of cork - wholly sustainable and very appealing to those who are eager to “go-green” at every turn.

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