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Home Office Solutions

Unique home office ideas 

Although already a growing trend, remote working / teleworking has become a daily necessity in the latest times!

The year of 2020 showed us how important it is to have our own space for work, education and leisure, all combined in our homes... But considering a unique space for such different uses, might be a challenge... For hosting all these uses individually, you might even need to change home to gain more square footage! 

Don't panic, you can use CORKBRICK! 

With CORKBRICK you can adapt your current space to any use you might currently need! It's dynamic and versatile capabilities allows you to host several uses in the same space. 

 Home Office with Bilbao - creative office space ideas

Home Office with Miami —  home office desk solutions

Home Office with Manaus Wall. — remote working solutions

Remote working is challenging, as you need to be self-disciplined and it may involve numerous calls and constant online presence that sometimes reduces your empathy and social connection to your colleagues. Moreover, it is important to have a suitable place of work in terms of noise, comfort and environment to promote concentration and deliver results.

And so it is crucial to adapt your home environment, a familiar space intended to be a relaxing sanctuary, that has now the need to offer a comfortable place of work - a Home Office

Home Office with Bologna  — remote working ideas

CORKBRICK can give you various different ideas for a Home Office, from creating divisions with walls like Manaus or Bologna, or even creating other leveled spaces to delimit your home office, like Miami or Bilbao.

You can easily create desk solutions for small spaces and working from home desk solutions  


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  • Today, creating a effective office space for any business is a big challenge. Moreover, at the initial stages of business, people do not have more financial availabilities to help afford a costly interior. With CORKBRICK, any designs like desk, walls can be easily planted whenever and wherever required as per requirements. In this way, it is cost saving as well as sustainable for business

    Eshan Jamadagni

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