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Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

CORKBRICK for Schools & Universities


Is there anyplace more Dynamic than a School or University?


CORKBRICK has found one of it's best applications- in Schools and Universities! It's creates versatile spaces and allows students to use their crativity in configurating space. A relaxing escape to studying, while having fun in assembling plus creating real usefull space. 

corkbrick being used as an improvised classroom


With this system every space can have numerous possible configurations, adapting space to the various phases and events in a School or univerity: Creating Showcase Galleries, Anual Theatres, Assemblies,...

With CORKBRICK we believe that all of these activities can be held in an optimized way, also promoting collaboration between the students and teachers in building the different sets: stimulating creativity, activity and teamwork with a sustainable, no waste, solution! 

corkbrick being used for arts festival

Same Space, Several uses | Arts Festival for KIDS 

Theatre scenario by CORKBRICK

Same Space, Several uses | Theatre setting

 Advantages of using Corkbrick



 school scenario with corkbrick

Now more than ever, COVID has proven to us the importance of having dynamic public spaces like these, that can create new rooms with several diferent possibilities of uses. 


corkbrick being used as an improvised classroom

CORKBRICK being used for an improvised COVID classroom; 
art gallery in school by corkbrick
Same Space, Several uses |  Student Art Showcase 
Assembly by corkbrick
Same Space, Several uses | Assembly day
 Advantages of using Corkbrick

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