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Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

Co-Work Dynamic Solutions

Have a big open space and don't know what to do with it? 

CORKBRICK can give you a TURN-KEY SOLUTION for your space!


Here is an example of how we turned this open space into a co-work, with CORKBRICK and complementary solutions that allow you to change your space anytime you need. Smart, efficient and fast solution to create the space you always wanted. 

It is amazing how versatile CORKBRICK can be, allowing the creation of almost every element needed in a workspace. 


In this image you can spot our product Lusitania Half Wall that creates a meeting point. 

In this image you can spot our Pompeii Working Hubs, in repetition - you can easily expand or reduce your staff with this solution as it can be transformed into other uses (Workshop space, Space divisor, half wall, you name it!)

In this image you can spot Manaus Wall, dividing space for a conference room where you need better division and sound isolation. 

In this image you can spot products Coimbra as a bench and Istanbul as the reception. 

Create this and MORE with CORKBRICK

 If you are interested in a tailor made project reach us through WE CREATE

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  • Today, co-working has gained a lot of importance in the world. People with similar and dissimilar backgrounds come together to implement their work and sometimes great ideas and innovation can be achieved through it. It can be achieved even more effectively if the place where they work is as attractive and feels like a positive environment for them. With the use of attractive indoors, CORKBRICK has effectively achieved that goal worldwide.

    Eshan Jamadagni

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