WSA -Global Congress Cascais 2019 - Follow Up – CORKBRICK EUROPE

Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

WSA -Global Congress Cascais 2019 - Follow Up

A transformative learning journey leading by the Millennials’ potential

WSA- Global Congress Cascais 2019 - Check in

Among high level guests from the United Nations and Portuguese government, local government representatives and the World’s best entrepreneurs and digital producers from all UN member states, CORKBRICK was represented by our CEO & Founder , Miguel Reynolds Brandão, who has been invited as speaker for the INNOVATION SHOTS  |AGGREGATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP panel, which aims to promote insights on entrepreneurship on a global scale.

The WSA Global Congress Cascais was focussed on the part that digital innovation plays in creating sustainable social change and worldwide impact . Featuring the 40 global winners in the 8 WSA categories and the WSA Young Innovators, it connected them with international thought-leaders, ICT experts and local stakeholders to enable a sustainable and transformative knowledge transfer.

From this inspirational and dynamic event what was really impressive was the fact that it brings together so many people, especially millennials, that are really focused in creating and developing sustainable projects with a great economical value in various and different areas of action, such as GOVERNMENT & CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT, HEALTH & WELL BEING, LEARNING & EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT & GREEN ENERGY, CULTURE & TOURISM, SMART SETTLEMENTS & URBANIZATION, BUSINESS & COMMERCE and INCLUSION & EMPOWERMENT.

It was an honor and a pleasure to be part of this Cascais City Hall and APDC (Portuguese Association for the communications development) initiative and therefore it is important for us to congratulate them for their vision, investment and effort to bring these sustainable projects to our country, thus applying the importance that sustainability has on the city policy agenda.

It was an incredible opportunity to share CORKBRICK’s mission and to take with us valuable and useful insights from all the participants,  that throughout these 3 days showed what the future can bring and how much is being done by this millennial generation!

Photo credit:  Philipp Benedikt 

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