Futurebuild 2019 - Follow Up – CORKBRICK EUROPE

Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

Futurebuild 2019 - Follow Up

A breath of fresh air as there is hope for a sustainable construction world: We are on the right track!

CORKBRICK was present on the last Futurebuild event that took place  in Excel, London, between 05-07 March 2019 .

Miguel Reynolds Brandão at Futurebuild 2019

It was an incredible privilege to be among the most creative minds in this industry and a golden opportunity to share with the world the urgent knowledge and practices that the sustainable constructions need and effectively, already have .

As Lavoisier said in the 18th century, “ In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed” . This was proven there.

There is a lot of highly qualified professionals focused on this goal, creating and developing  natural solutions and instigating these challenges, making an everyday effort to make it possible.

Industries such as plastic, cement and all other fossil fuels related, have their days counted.

CORKBRICK was invited to speak on the “Waste Zone” under the chair of the highly respected Duncan Baker-Brown and we can guarantee, after all the ideas , solutions and facts that were presented and shared,  that we are moving towards a world where it is possible to live and build with no waste.

Interesting discussion today about the transition towards the circular economy at FutureBuild in London. Aesthetics are an important element in making this transition happen. Check out www.corkbrick.com, established by a female founder Catarina Reynolds Brandao, and Miguel Reynolds Brandão. The sustainable company makes modular cork cubes for multiple applications.” - Sophia Swire  Award winning entrepreneur, impact filmmaker and senior business development adviser

CORKBRICK’s presentation had a significant attendance and a great feedback from other “creative dolphin” minds.

To us, it was an honor to be on this leading construction event in which we had the opportunity to meet, learn, teach and to be inspired through this valuable network.

Congrats Futurebuild and we hope to see you next year!  

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