CORKBRICK EUROPE and ADENE - A partnership with class and energy!

Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

CORKBRICK EUROPE and ADENE - A partnership with class and energy!


CORKBRICK EUROPE announces its official partnership with ADENE - The National Energy Agency, through its innovative initiative, called “Class + Labelling”. 

Recognised as an organisation that makes an inter-generational commitment to global sustainable development, CORKBRICK EUROPE is now part of this initiative's network of partners to promote the efficient and sustainable use of energy. 

This initiative makes it possible to compare the energy performance of building envelope elements such as windows (and in the future insulation, paint, etc.) that are not covered by the mandatory energy label.

As a voluntary reference labelling system, CLASS + enables companies to distinguish themselves in the increasingly competitive and demanding construction and rehabilitation market, as well as addressing the absence of mandatory European labelling for some products that affect the energy performance of buildings. and is currently a benchmark for consumers looking for more energy efficient solutions.

As CORKBRICK EUROPE, a pioneer in building dynamic, flexible and sustainable structures, we are proud and pleased to join these initiatives, strategically aligned with our mission: making the best of nature to create useful, innovative goods. and sustainable, thus contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint and making it possible to live increasingly in a smart and sustainable way, thus safeguarding future generations.  

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